Regarding white ways, one of my heroes Big Soldier in 1820 said:

"I see and admire your manner of living, your good warm houses, your extensive fields of corn, your gardens, your cows, oxen, workhorses, wagons and a thousand machines that I know not the use of. I see that you are able to clothe yourselves, even from weeds and grass. ... you can do almost what you choose. You whites possess the power of subduing almost every animal to your use. You are surrounded by slaves. Everything about you is in chains and you are slaves yourselves. I fear if I should exchange my pursuits for yours, I too should become a slave. Talk to my sons, perhaps they may be persuaded to adopt your fashions, or at least to recommend them to their sons; but for myself, I was born free, was raised free and wish to die free."

Heads Up Wa-zha-zhe! Be thinking about your Osage History, because Osage Nation is listening for the "Will of the People" and this means YOU. This also means NOW!

You will begin with writing when you first realized you were Osage? (It took me a while because the last time I was here to remember, we were still called Wa-zha-zhe.) One Osage wrote the infinity symbol, but seems it's not acceptable in this format to have known forever, even though it's Osage to know this. (Grayhorse update: "Many used the infinity symbols, such as the ∞, to indicate when they first realized that they were Osage and that it is Osage to remember and know ourselves infinitely." Thankfully once again, "infinity" remains an acceptable way to know and understand ourselves.)

Seems, this first meeting requires you to think in a linear timeline, you know "white" people have tried to teach us think this way for a long time now and not spatially, like our Ancestors and other tribes think of their own inner-connection of being in history.

Chief Gray, informs us, on the first page of the "Will of the People" meeting packet, that "it's time to evolve" although I'm not sure what he means. I wonder, are we to evolve from "assimilated Osages" into "Civilized Osages" or what? Don't look to me to understand this, as I don't even believe in evolution, although, I am educated in science and like it.

Perhaps we should just ask the Chief what does he mean because I really thought that the Osage Ancestors were actually an advanced People before we were forced to assimilate into white thinking one's --- and that assimilation actually meant to our Ancestors, a sort of de-evolution. Perhaps I was also wrong in thinking that going forward as a People meant preserving the traditions of our Ancestors. So think about it and be prepared for some tough questions. (Grayhorse update: The Chief was asked and said this was a good question that might require rather large discussion.)

Then think about what you know about Osage History. Unfortunately, the format does not allow much time for our traditional ways of remembering, gently pausing, thinking, listening to others, to Elders and pondering before you speak. Seems instead, there's is a lot to cover in a short amount of time. So you will be provided 1/2 sheets of blank paper and bold markers to write what you remember. These will be put up on a board in the front of the room and read aloud. (Update: At our Grayhorse meeting, full sheets were provided! Yeah, thanks.)

Well I must admit, I was intimidated right away. I'm old with failing eyesight and I don't even write small enough to put a complete thought on a piece of paper that small with such a big marker. It was like grade school all over where we were required to color within the lines. I still am a problem when it comes to lines. Of course Louie who is never intimidated by anything, went right to work, wasting not a second. Like a maniac he wrote, efficiently sending our son to post the results.

So in the very least you might want to spend some time before the next meetings thinking about Osage History because these meetings are here and it's a good thing to think about being Osage and what this means to you.

More importantly, it's a better thing to be with other Osages who are doing this too. We don't do much of doing anything good for the Osage as a People anymore and it's sad were losing this tradition. So participate, think, and write your thoughts down first, if you need. Just go and be Wah-zha-zhe, because that's who you are! Evidently, this will somehow affect our Osage Future.



Strategic Planning Meeting Schedule 
A Nation that listens to the "Will of the Osage People"

 The Osage Nation invites you to participate in a nation building conference in your area.

Chief Jim Gray and Assistant Chief John Red Eagle want to visit with you face to face and discuss how you can contribute to this nation building approach. The Osage Nation is embarking upon a strategic planning initiative that relies upon a collective Osage vision. To truly build a successful Osage Nation, the Osage people themselves have to be willing to set long-term objectives, identify priorities and concerns, and take a hard-nosed look at the assets the tribe has to work with.

While the prosperity of the Nation is on the rise, it is the time to plan where our prosperity will lead. We have local services and programs that provide for the Nationís people living on the reservation, but 3/4 of Osages live off the reservation. What can the Nation do for you? 

The Osage Nation has many members who have established themselves as leaders in industry, government, the arts, and business; the wisdom of the Osage people is absolutely necessary as the Nation engages in this Strategic Planning process.   We must ask ourselves now, what will the Osage Nation look like in 25 years? What is your vision?   The Nation wants to know. 

What are your ideas for improving healthcare in the Osage Nation? How important is education for Osage children? How will the Nation benefit from economic development, and how can we better care for our old? What are your ideas for minerals development and natural resource protection? How can our system of justice and governance best serve the people? How will Osage Culture be preserved? 


Come and participate, the conference is free and lunch will be provided. Call your relatives and bring your children, itís about you, itís about them. Itís about our future!

February 5, MondayBartlesville Public Library, 600 S. Johnstone, Bartlesville, Oklahoma - 6 - 9pm Session 1
February 6, Tuesday, Wah Zha Zhe  Cultural Center, 1449 W. Main, Pawhuska, OK  - 6 - 9pm Session 1

February 7, Wednesday, Grayhorse Community Building, Grayhorse Indian Village - 6 - 9pm Session 1

February 8, Thursday, Hominy Community Building, Hominy Indian Village - 6 - 9pm Session 1

February 10, Saturday, North Tulsa Casino, 951 W. 36yh St. North, Tulsa, OK - 9 - 4:30pm Session 1 & 2

February 11, Sunday, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2945 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK - 9 -4:30pm Session 1 & 2

February 12, Monday, Skiatook Community Center, Skiatook, OK  - 6 - 9pm Session 1
February 13, Tuesday, Bartlesville Public Library, 600 S. Johnstone, Bartlesville, OK  - 6 - 9pm Session 2
February 15, Thursday, Ponca City Ponca Town Site, 4th & Cleveland , Ponca City, OK.  - 6-9pm Session 1
February 17, Saturday Carlsbad Senior CenterSaturday, 799 Pine Ave.,Carlsbad, CA - 9 - 4:30pm Session 1 & 2

February 18, Sunday California Indian Museum Lecture Room, 5250 Aero Drive, Santa Rosa, CA - 9 - 4:30pm Session 1 & 2

Februray 20, Tuesday, Wah Zha Zhe Cultural Center, 1449 W. Main, Pawhuska, Oklahoma - 6 - 9pm Session 2

 February  21, Wednesday, Grayhorse Community Building, Grayhorse Indian Village 6 - 9pm Session 2

 February 22, Thursday, Hominy Community Building, Hominy Indian Village - 6 - 9pm Session 2

 February 24, Saturday, NTEC Building, 2501 Rio Grand Blvd, NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico - 9 - 4:30pm Session 1 & 2

February 25, Sunday, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona, Details to follow - 9 -4:30pm Session 1 & 2

March 1, ThursdayPonca Town Site, 4th & Cleveland, Ponca City, OK - 6 - 9pm Session 2

March 3, Saturday, Colorado, TBA  Session 1 & 2
March 4, Sunday, Skiatook Community Center, Skiatook, OK - 6 - 9pm Session 2



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Will of the People update:

GrayHorse Remembers: A peek into our Grayhorse meeting 

Our recollection of Osage History was awesome. I hope we will have more opportunities to remember together again , like our grandparents so often remembered. Seems many of my fears were put to rest since Grayhorse remembers that "We came from the stars!" & "Not too long ago, when Cahokia was a diverse population hub, second only to Cairo, it was the Osage, along side the Omaha, who organized our mound building society." & "Many used the infinity symbols, such as the , to indicate when they first realized that they were Osage and that it is Osage to remember and know ourselves infinitely." It's a relief knowing that these memories and understandings remain alive, in the Big Hills People  - even outside of  Grayhorse Indian Village.

After all, who are we, if not the sum total of our actual Osage History? or how will we fill the vacancies of poor self-esteem in our young Osage, if not with Osage meaning that comes to us, only with the hearing of our Oral History? It is only in teaching and learning of the sacred nature of our relationship with Wa-gko-da, are these holes in Osage souls repaired; at least according our Buffalo Bull Clan traditions of the Big Hills People. 

Our future goals, well, that part was an "old way" Winter Story" blast! Seems that too many of us - The Big Hills People - remember and know not to take Winter Stories seriously but instead just to have fun in the hearing and telling of them.  Osage traditions considers  futurism as a "really bad" activity for the Osage but also it would have been "just plain rude" to leave after the History part of the meeting.

Just enough of our Grayhorse Elders, know and understand the nature of young Osages and winter and stories and winter story telling; one provided a serious traditional holistic view of future Osage needs. This model of our future was brought forward by remembering Traditional Osage History, when in 1541 we were at our peak strength, not only in health but in well-being, as the two must go hand in hand. What other model would we really want to discuss than our Osage one?

So quick enough a few Elders began gently instructing the young with their own examples as to the nature of winter story telling. It was an all out free-for-all! And perhaps, quite puzzling to those Osage less experienced in our "old ways" belonging to the Big Hills People.

"It was good to just be Osage, instead of just acting like Osage." "We came together without all that upidity snootiness that's gotten a hold on us as of late" 'besides after enjoying Bad Brad's barbeque,  Grayhorse People were in a good mood. So most just let the winter story spirit roll out with all sorts of outrageous wants for our future."

I will not even begin to provide more of a view into these stories, as I would never want to spoil the richness that comes with the nature of  hearing stories that are alive with experience. But I will tell you that "if" you should have an opportunity to talk to anyone attending (some non-Osage were there too), casually ask them about the meeting. I expect the interpretations will be a true adventure in perspectives. However please remember to be gentle as I also expect they will remain a little bit off balance and somewhat puzzled as the fuller Osage meaning of "winter stories" sets in.

The joys of getting old is incredible because that's when all the hard work in life begins to pay off, allowing the real joys of Osage Life to begin.


Need some help refreshing your Osage History? Here's our notes for the Grayhorse meeting Click here

What to discuss or report, your meeting own meeting experience. Perhaps you just want to know what to expect. WILL OF THE PEOPLE Discussion Forum is up and running. Join us and Click here. Update: Sorry, I'm working on some unexpected problems with the discussion forum. I'll finish it asap.

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